Company Founders

Thoms Brown

Chief Executive Officer and Partner

Mr. Brown joined the Defense Intelligence Agency in 1983 producing a broad-spectrum of counterterrorism, personnel recovery, geospatial, political-military, and other contingency-related intelligence products. He provided intelligence support to numerous actual or potential US operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, Grenada, Libya, Colombia, the Persian Gulf, Taiwan, Korea, Russia, China, and Lebanon.

In the early 1990s, Mr. Brown served as the first Defense Intelligence Agency liaison officer to Joint Task Force Six (JTF-6) in El Paso, Texas. There he mobilized intelligence and analytic resources to support federal, state and local law enforcement counter-drug operations along the Southwest Border of the United States.

In the late 1990s, Mr. Brown provided executive-level daily intelligence support and liaison for two Secretaries of Defense, the Undersecretary of Defense for Policy, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Threat Reduction, the National Security Council’s Senior Director for Defense Policy and Arms Control, and the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for POW/MIA Affairs. Mr. Brown’s specific portfolio included: providing daily analytic expertise in global non-proliferation issues; medium and long-range ballistic missile threats; Russian and Chinese strategic and conventional force capabilities; and, intelligence policy support for POW/MIA issues and personnel recovery.

In 2001, Mr. Brown served as Director of the Congressionally Mandated Intelligence Community Prisoner of War/Missing in Action Analytic Cell. Mr. Brown established and led, on behalf of the Director of National Intelligence,  personnel recovery, analytic, and collection operations in response to global nation-state, terrorist, insurgent, and piracy hostage and kidnap operations and events. He personally led intelligence seek, assess, rescue and recovery activities during Operations Enduring Freedom, Iraqi Freedom, Odyssey Dawn, and the Global War on Terror.  Under his leadership, the Cell was responsible for identifying and providing key intelligence that led to the recovery or full accounting of numerous missing or captured military personnel, US citizens, and US allies.

Mr. Brown retired from Federal Service in 2013 and accepted an appointment as Vice Chairman of Calvert County, Maryland’s Environmental Commission. There he established environmental policy and created geospatial products to support environmental decision making.  He also served as an advanced volunteer editor and lead contributor to the US Geological Survey National Map Corps and ICoast natural disaster response programs.

In 2019, Mr. Brown established a partnership business, Shavano Intelligence Systems, that applies his skills and experience acquired over the past 35 years of government service.

Elaine Brown

Chief Operating Officer and Partner

Ms. Brown has over 20 years of government and business experience as an intelligence expert, business manager, and data system developer.

Ms. Brown was employed by the FBI where she designed and created databases in support of the FBI counterterrorism compliance and watchlisting compliance programs. She performed reviews and oversight to ensure adherence to FBI and DOJ laws and regulations. She established criteria to ensure terrorist watchlisting integrity, accuracy, and accountability in all FBI field offices. Ms. Brown’s watchlisting database established the FBI investigative road map for case analysis, compliance, and resolution.

Ms. Brown produced intelligence products for FBI field offices in conducting operational targeting of foreign terrorists. She provided written correspondence to Congressional leaders in response to constituents’ concerns.

Ms. Brown worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency as an Intelligence Specialist addressing Russian Ballistic Missile threats. She conducted research and analysis using intelligence community databases, and produced intelligence products to support global military operations and requirements. She prepared briefings and presentations for Department of Defense officials and members of Congress.

In the late 1990s, Ms. Brown worked for a small business where she designed and published user manuals for state and local Departments of Transportation SMART highway initiatives. In this capacity, she liaised with transportation officials to ensure the integrity and functionality of the SMART highway systems.

In 2019, Ms. Brown established a partnership business, Shavano Intelligence Systems, that applies her skills and experience to support business, industry, and governmental challenges and opportunities.